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concluding conference of Genius Loci

The conference in the meeting room of the EU Committee of the Region


The industrial heritage of SMEs :
an asset for tourist and regional development

The conference took place on 21 September 2017 in the main meeting room of the
EU Committee of the Regions in Brussels

We had 88 participants from all over Europe, good presentations, and a splendid launch of the follow up of the Industriana labels


This was the programme

Welcome and general introduction :
Drs Mauro Orsini : Presentation of  Genius Loci  – the aims and the results of the project

Drs. Adriaan Linters :  “Small Enterprises then and now
Drs Robin Debo : “Centenary enterprises and their heritage”

- Drs Adriaan Linters : ‘Safeguarding and interpreting the industrial and technical heritage of small enterprises
- Drs. Gabriella Ceccarelli : Regional tourism policies- Representative of Umbria Region
- Drs Akos Szepvolgyi : The heritage of SMEs as a tool for local and regional development

Lunch Break
The Confrerie of Saint Arnold and the De Snoek brewing museum offer the beer

The Industriana Labels - demonstration
- Drs Bárbara Cerdán Fortea : The POIs and the labels
- Drs Eloy Catalayud : Presentation of the technology behind and the management of the Genius Loci labels, its database and QR code

Lectures on the history and heritage of the selected topics:
- Mr Geurt Van Rennes : Alcohol from fruits and alcohol made from grain - and the effect on gastronomy
- Drs Adriaan Linters  :Vegetal textile fibres in Europe
- (Dr Pieter Gurdebeke: Clay and the clay industries in Europe ) - written report

Closing drink - The Confrerie of Distillers offered the closing drink (Hasselt jenever)

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