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The Industriana label

INDUSTRIANA is a community of European industrial and technical heritage sites and museums and their visitors, aiming to map them on a European platform, to promote them, linking them and establishing contacts between one another.
The initiative was launched with the support and under the patronage of E-FAITH, the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage - during the 2015 European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year and it was developed under the Genius Loci project, co-financed by the COSME-programme of the European Commission

By applying the OFFICIAL EUROPEAN INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE SHIELD to the facade of your industrial heritage site, conservation area, industrial building, museum, villages or at the secretariat address of your industrial heritage organisation, you show that you are part of a European movement that puts the preservation and presentation of industrial and technical heritage on the European agenda.
If you are interested in receiving an INDUSTRIANA label contact E-FAITH

There are in the member states of the European Union and the member states of the Council of Europe  thousands even hundreds of thousands of sites and places  that witness of the European industrial past and traditions. They all can acquire and use the INDUSTRIANA facade label to announce and promote their existence, to inform the passer-by about their history and backgrounds.
Each site which, in good or bad condition, has something to tell to passersby, tourists and local residents.
Each site that would like to tell its story, and the role played in the past, but also its values for today and tomorrow
Each site that can illustrate and tell the industrial history of a village, city, province, region, or even a country.
They can be

  • ruins or remains of an industrial building, even the places where little is seen on the surface but where archaeological traces remain below ground level
  • museums presenting the history of industry, science and technology (reaching from a brewery museum, textile museums, the museums of local industry, till maritime, railway and transport history museums - just to give some examples)   
  • traditional and 'museum' workshops, producing traditional products using ancient techniques, as an old weaving workshop where traditional cloth is produced on an old loom, the workshop of a maker of wooden shoes or baskets, a paper maker, a smithy or a foundry,...
  • the traces, bridges and viaducts of an old railway line which maybe has been turned into a footpath or a bicycle trail, its maybe derelict railway stations or signal boxes,... or which is now used as a tourist railway where old trains are running and carrying passengers
  • industrial buildings that have been re-used, a textile mill or a warehouse changed to lofts, a brewery that became a cultural or exhibition center, an old hangar now a sports center,...
  • sites that are landmarks in their neighborhood, as a blast furnace, a water tower, a harbour crane or the chimney of a disappeared textile mill
  • companies that are proud of their history and tradition
  • etc...

What are the advantages of having and applying the facade label ?

  • Each label has an individual QR-code, which a passer-by can use to be informed about your site
  • Each QR code gives access to 5 pages with information, pictures, even video's and sound
  • Each page can be offered in every European language, at least in English and the local language, and even in smaller languages as Bask, Welsh, Catalan, Gaelic... It's up to you to decide what languages you do offer
  • Each site is also linked to this website

And by using the INDUSTRIANA-label

  • you show clearly that you are committed to the preservation and presentation of our industrial and technical heritage and the site itself
  • vyou tell the story of the site and keep its memory alive
  • you are on the map of all the industrial heritage locations over Europe - giving a unique overview of what exists in the different domains and in your region
  • you will attract attention and visitors, according to their interest, not only people from the region but from all over Europe...
  • you will be a partner in the promotion and communication strategy of E-FAITH, the European platform of industrial heritage associations and volunteers
  • and last but not least... you promote and you do support the European industrial and technical heritage. You do support the movement and the commitment of so many volunteers and associations campaigning in favor of the safeguarding and interpretation of it !!!

If you want to have your Industriana-label, download the form, complete it, and send it to our secretariat

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