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“La Rajoleta” Ceramic Museum joins Industriana

La Rajoleta joins Industriana

“La Rajoleta” Ceramic Museum, formerly known as Hijo de Jaime Pujol i Bausis Ceramic Factory, was a point of reference in the ceramics production in Catalonia and one of the most important Modernist factories. Visitors can see five different types of kilns and follow the evolution of the ceramic industry through several finished products

INDUSTRIANA is now in Barcelona at the B-Industrial tourism fair

Industriana at B-Industrial 2021

From 11 to 13 June the professional fair on industrial tourism is taking place in Barcelona. Industriana is present.

2021 European Year of Rail

Antwerpen Central station

The European Commission has designated 2021 as the European Year of Rail.
This year, EFAITH wants to put the heritage of railways and tramways in the spotlight. On a new website good examples of conservation and re-use are collected.
A jury will select five achievements that will each receive an Industriana label in the autumn.


The Industriana label

Why joining Industriana?

For sites, museums, private collections, organisations and private companies wishing to promote the industrial heritage they cherish, the benefits of an Industriana label are considerable, and they include:

Usine Cavrois-Mahieu (Roubaix) joins the Industriana network

unveiling the Industriana-label at Cavrois-Mahieu, Roubaix

At some 3 km from the famous Villa Cavrois ( built in 1932 by the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens ), the Cavrois-Mahieu woollen mill is a witness of the industrial adventure of the Cavrois family, but also of the thousands of workers and various executives who worked there from 1887 to 2000.

The ‘Haringrokerij’ (herring smoking workshop) joins Industriana

De Haringrokerij

The ‘Haringrokerij’ (herring smoking workshop) at Antwerpen joins Industriana.
Built in 1893 and active smoking fish until 1968. The site was protected as historic monument in 1987, and is since 1993 turned into an interesting cohousing project


Former Ghent power station joins Industriana

De Centrale, Ghent

The construction of an urban electricity plant in Ghent started in 1924. Two years later, two turbo alternators (working on coals) supplied the first electricity. The big art deco Turbine Hall - including all turbines & accessories, an overhead crane, the control and signal equipment, the clock and the control panels - remained preserved. This Turbine Hall was protected by law on November 18, 1999.

Chimney of former paper mill in Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo gets Industriana label


The population of Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo, at the initiative of the association La Maquinilla, organized this year a splendid crowdfunding campaign to restore the chimney of the former papermill, one of the chimneys that landmark the town. It will be the first to be restored.
The deserved the Industriana label

The Province of Pontevedra (Galicia) joins the INDUSTRIANA network

The first INDUSTRIANA labels in Galicia

Since the conclusion of Genius Loci, in the autumn of last year, EFAITH further developed the INDUSTRIANA concept.  Now the network is being enlarged and sites from other regions and countries, while also other types of industrial and technical heritage can join.


You too can support this initiative  !!!:

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